Friday, 24 June 2005

Hearts Don't Think, Heads Don't Love + Quantum Leap Marathon

Spitfires & Mayflowers // Nick Flanegan // The Decoy Mile // The Barmitzvah Brothers // DJ Jay Ferguson + D. Rex @ Sneaky Dee's
(431 College St - 416.603.3090)

6:30pm: Eileen and I went to Lakeview Lunch (1132 Dundas W - 416.535.2828) after work for a malt-shake. Afterwards, we went back to the apartment and had our mini Quantum Leap marathon. Haha the series is so dated now! We watched a few from the Season 2: The Americanization of Machiko a.k.a. Machiko McKenzie, What Price Gloria? and Blind Faith. Whilst we were watching "What Price Gloria?", Gloria cries and commented about being unwanted at the age of 27. Eileen and i looked at each other...

11:20pm: When we arrived to the venue, it was really really packed out. The Barmitzvah Brothers already taken stage. I spotted Zach near the front, so we went to join him. After their set, i went to purchase the new Spitfires & Mayflowers CD - Triumph - it had the most cutest packaging ever of a library book complete with the borrowing card! There was also free cupcakes with the purchase of the CD, so i splitted mine with Eileen. I bumped into my friend Karen Kim from Vancouver!! The show was great, everyone was dancing and we all did the sing-alongs during "Hearts Don't Think, Heads Don't Love". We didn't stay too long, as i were leaving, i saw Heather, Ben, Steve and Thomas across the street. I wished Ben Happy Birthday, they asked me to stay but i was too tired so i went home.

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