Friday, 17 June 2005

New Trend: Rock n Roll + Baked Goods

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Henri Faberge + The Adorables // The Ghost is Dancing // The Guest Bedroom @ Sneaky Dee's
(431 College St - 416.603.3090)

It was definitely the funnest Henri Faberge + The Adorables show i've been to so far. Their first time playing a completely plugged gig. Don't know if it was because of the sugar from all the delicious baked goods (there was a band Bake-off, pies, strawberry shortcakes, banaoffee, and other cookies and sweets - Henri Faberge & The Adorables won the Bake-off with the Banaoffee), the gig had an energetic vibe, everyone was dancing and clapping it was amazing! The newly BC returned frontman, Henri was dressed in shorts and black socks wearing his BC moustache.. it was funny, during the part where he sat down on the keyboards, he goes "I shouldn't be sitting down wearing shorts" then Maylee shouted "Henri, your balls are showing!" HAHA! of course, not true. Henri got off stage and sang to the crowd, Dancing Pete also started dancing on the dancefloor then fighting with Henri but Henri won the fight, leaving Dancing Pete lying on the floor with exhaustion. (See pixblog)

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